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Reasons Why Your Hair Maybe Falling?


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This article explains in some details the common causes of hair damage. This article is for anyone who’s looking for solutions to these types of problems. This is not just for African American hairstyles only, but it certainly applies. These solutions can be applied to almost any kind of hairstyles or hair types.

Common causes of hair damage include that from regular hair care practices such as mechanical manipulation, to extreme processes like chemical altering.

Mechanical damage includes damage from friction and tension. Friction occurs when the hair strands rub against each other. In some hair types and textures this can lead to a build up of static electricity and flyaways. This is rarely the case for textured hair. What we tend to experience is the rising of the cuticles and tangling. Causes of friction include combing, brushing, manipulation of the hair with our fingers, shampooing and conditioning the hair.

Tension is another culprit when it comes to damaging the hair. A common example of this is traction alopecia which results in hair loss along the hairline. It’s caused primarily by pulling forces being applied to the hair, and occurs commonly from tight ponytails, puffs or braids.

Heat styling is a major source of damage especially when the hair is being manipulated with a brush while being styled. These tools can deplete the hair of moisture resulting in dryness.

Shampoos that have a pH higher than 5.5 can cause a pH imbalance and affect the cuticle. If it contains harsh surfactants such as sodium lauryl sulfate the hair can be stripped of its natural oils located in the epicuticle, or the outermost cuticle layer. This can result in mechanical damage due to combing and styling. In addition, the intercellular “glue” which binds the fibers of the cortex together can be dissolved by repeated shampoos with a high pH and harsh detergents. This can lead to damage to the cortex (which accounts for the hair’s strength). Click here to read more

The main idea here is, take the advice offered in this article and start working on your hair in ways that will not damage it further. Make sure you read the rest of the article by clicking the link above. Please visit African American hair products. This is a store for all black women hair care and more products are being added each time. Create an account so you can start adding your favorite hair care products to your ‘wishlist’ and share it with friends on social media.

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